Executive Sous Chef

April 11, 2016
May 9, 2016
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Food & Beverage


At PER AQUUM Niyama we always behave in the following way…

·           We have pride in the work we do, how we present ourselves, and how we communicate with our guests and our colleagues.


·           We use our initiative and always find the best way to solve a problem for a guest or a colleague.


·           We work as a team with colleagues across all departments to deliver the highest quality of service on all occasions.


·           We always think of new ways to surprise and delight our guests.


·           We treat guests and colleagues with dignity and respect. Everyone is important.


·           We hold ourselves to the highest standards of honesty and integrity.


·           We are proud to represent our hotel and our country to guests from all over the world. 





To serve the needs of the business, our guests and our colleagues by assisting in the management of overall kitchen operations at the hotel.

Members of the Kitchen Department are responsible for ensuring that all visitors to the hotel are delighted by the quality, creativity and variety of our food and beverage offerings in every area of the hotel, and that F&B is regarded as a strong point of differentiation for the hotel in its local market.

At PER AQUUM Niyama, we are proud to represent our hotel and our country to guests from all over the world.  We treat our guests and our colleagues with respect, and work hard together to deliver the highest quality of service to all.


Please note that this is not an exhaustive list of everything that needs to be done.  PER AQUUM Niyama employees always find new ways to look after the business, their guests, and their colleagues.   Within this, the key responsibilities for this position are:

Planning and Organising:

—  To work with the Executive Chef in completing the Food & Beverage department input into the overall hotel strategic plans.


Operations and Product Quality

·         Analyse local-market needs and trends, and support the definition of the hotel’s overall Food & Beverage offering


·         Manage menu preparation and pricing in line with the stated F&B objectives of the hotel and the brand.


·         Develop new menus and food items to meet the taste and dining requirements of the guests.  Maintain sensitivity to local cultural traditions and adhere to religious beliefs in preparation and services of all food on premises.


·         Oversee the preparation and presentation of food products to ensure maximum quality at all times. 


·         Implement procedures to minimise wastage and over-production.


·         Ensure standards of presentation and preparation of food items meet hotel & brand standards


·         Lead Task Force Missions on behalf of the hotel, to support the opening of new PER AQUUM/MINT properties, and other special events catered by Minor International


Departmental Leadership – with the Executive Chef

·         Ensure that that Kitchen professionals are fully aware of hotel F&B strategy, and that their products meet these requirements


·         Direct and coordinate the daily activities of all the hotel’s kitchens.


·         Coach and guide new members of the team, putting in place proper orientation training and ongoing training and development for team members. 


·         Manage relationships and contracts with suppliers.


·         Support and facilitate staff participation in local, national and international competitions.


Health, Hygiene & Safety

·         Maintain the highest standards of Food Hygiene, and adherence with all Health and Safety standards.


·         Report and take appropriate action to correct any health or safety hazard.


·         Liaise with Engineering regarding maintenance and repairs of equipment


·         Check and ensure the proper storage of raw and processed food items including the condition of food in freezers.


·         Instruct staff on all emergency measures in case of accident and have a first aid kit available and stocked in the kitchens, in collaboration with hotel’s clinic


·         Ensure all work areas in the kitchen are kept tidy and clean.



Within PER AQUUM Niyama, the top-performing people who do this job always demonstrate the following attitude:

·         Working with Others:

  • They always try to anticipate and exceed the needs of customers and colleagues
  • They use their own initiative and good judgement to solve problems in a calm and efficient way
  • They enjoy working with others to achieve common goals.  They volunteer as required to ensure the success of the team
  • They act with personal professionalism and integrity at all times

·         Taking Responsibility:

  • They always conduct business honestly and fairly.  They keep sensitive information confidential.
  • They can prioritise their workload effectively and be organised and structured at work
  • They manage their time and pay attention to detail.  They know their jobs, and are able to work without close supervision.
  • They display a positive attitude, even under pressure.  They personally check their work to ensure its accuracy.