Director of Human Resources
July 27, 2016
August 24, 2016
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Human Resources, HR Director


Director of Human Resources


To serve the needs of the business, our guests and our colleagues by developing and implementing the Human Resources strategy of the hotel and supporting the General Manager in all people-related responsibilities and issues.

At PER AQUUM Niyama, we are proud to represent our hotel and our country to guests from all over the world.  We treat our guests and our colleagues with respect, and work hard together to deliver the highest quality of service to all.


NIYAMA, Maldives


General Manager


Training Manager

Assistant Human Resources Manager

Staff Welfare Manager

Human Resources Officer

Team Village Attendant


Island Doctor

Male’ Office Assistant


Please note that this is not an exhaustive list of everything that needs to be done.  NIYAMA employees always find new ways to look after the business, their guests, and their colleagues.   Within this, the key responsibilities for this position are:

Strategy and Planning

  • Provide HR input to the business plan of the hotel and control the HR components of this plan on an ongoing basis.
  • Prepare the HR Budget for input into the overall hotel budget

HR Operations

  • Ensure that PER AQUUM Niyama HR operational policies and processes are adhered to and continually improved.
  • Manage all activities concerning the sourcing & recruitment of staff, performance management, staff discipline, and administration.
  • Manage the HR operation based on a detailed and up-to-date understanding of local labour law.
  • Supervise and coordinate all matters of work permits and visas.
  • Maintain full records of each person’s employment history, both online and in paper form, and ensure all such information is kept confidential.

Learning & Development

  • Liaise with the Training Manager to identify staff training and development needs, and support the implementation of the hotel Training Plan to meet these needs.

Compensation & Benefits

  • Implement corporate policies, and put in place local policies & processes for salaries and benefits
  • Implement and monitor employee incentive bonus schemes.

Employee Communications

  • Manage the communication of key messages, business strategy, and vision and values to all staff.  Promote employee communication activities and channels, to encourage and enable feedback from staff.
  • Set up and be the primary point of contact for the employee communications committee.  Maintain a positive relationship with staff representatives.
  • Ensure employee grievances, disciplinary procedures are monitored.
  • Lead the implementation of employee recognition schemes.

HR Systems

  • Ensure that the hotel is effectively using the computer system purchased for Human Resource administration, including the Management Information and reporting capability of the product.
  • Be responsible for the accurate maintenance of information used in the Human Resources Information System (HRIS) including payroll, personnel details, leave and attendance.

Employee Accommodation and Transport

  • Supervise and coordinate all matters of staff accommodation, facilities, and transport.

Health, Hygiene, and Safety

  • Supervise and coordinate all matters of adherence to HH&S policy.


Within PER AQUUM Niyama, the top-performing people who do this job always demonstrate the following attitude:

  • Leadership
  • A genuine interest in the welfare of all hotel employees is the first and most critical requirement for this role.
  • They maintain the trust of the staff, and are regarded as fair, reasonable, approachable, and honest. 
  • They understand the business environment, and the strategic objectives and challenges of the overall hotel operation.
  • They are passionate about improving staff welfare and guest satisfaction.  They are focused on achieving results and continual improvement.
  • They process information intelligently and analytically, leading to well-informed judgements and logical and coherent conclusions.
  • They have an aptitude for and interest in learning and understanding new HR administration computer systems, including internet-based systems.
  • Working with Others:
  • They always try to anticipate and exceed the needs of customers and colleagues
  • They use their own initiative and good judgement to solve problems in a calm and efficient way



  • They enjoy working with others to achieve common goals.  They volunteer as required to ensure the success of the team
  • They act with personal professionalism and integrity at all times
  • Taking Responsibility:
  • They always conduct business honestly and fairly.  They keep sensitive information confidential.
  • They can prioritise their workload effectively and be organised and structured at work
  • They manage their time and pay attention to detail.  They know their jobs, and are able to work without close supervision.
  • They display a positive attitude, even under pressure.  They personally check their work to ensure its accuracy.
  • Delivering Results:
  • They are committed to meeting and exceeding all performance standards
  • They constantly look to develop their own professional skills and abilities
  • They perform job tasks in line with established policies and procedures
  • They always try to provide a top-quality experience to all our guests.