Laundry Manager
Kanuhura Resort & Spa
July 28, 2016
August 25, 2016
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Housekeeping, Laundry Manager


  • Ensures that all employees report for duty punctually wearing the correct uniform and name tag.
  • Assists in the building of an efficient team of employees, by taking an active interest in their welfare, safety and development.
  • Posses a complete knowledge of washing, spotting, starching, dry-cleaning and pressing techniques
  • Ensure that all items laundered and dry cleaned within the hotel’s laundry are finished to the highest standard achievable and returned to the guests or staff in immaculate condition
  • Organise movement of dirty and clean laundry and of guest valet service
  • Ensure all damaged linen and uniforms are sent to the uniform room for repairs or discarding
  • Control and record chemical consumption and reorder as required
  • Assist in maintaining records of stock and equipment
  • Supervise all employees with the Laundry Department
  • Ensure an accurate valet delivery
  • Ensure daily production records for linen and uniforms are maintained
  • Ensures that regular preventive maintenance is carried out and reduce downtime with proper coordination with the maintenance department
  • Works with superior in the preparation and management of the department’s budget
  • Ensures that all employees provide a courteous and professional service, at all times.
  • Assists in the training of the employees, ensuring that they have the necessary skills to perform duties with the maximum efficiency, recorded in a proper manner.
  • Supervises the employees within the department ensuring that the correct standard and methods of service are maintained
  • Ensures that all employees have a complete understanding of and adhere to the resort’s policy relating to Fire, Hygiene, Health and safety.
  • Handles all laundry operations such as washing, dry cleaning, pressing, drying, delivery, distribution etc.
  • Ensures that new employees are issued new uniforms.
  • Ensures that all Laundry documentation is in order.
  • Ensures the smooth operation and efficiency of Laundry operations according to the standards set by the management.
  • Studies and evaluates the operation/procedures and suggests improvements to the Executive Housekeeper.
  • Assigns responsibilities, subordinates and checks their performance.
  • Ensures the cleanliness and maintenance of all laundry equipment, schedules necessary preventative maintenance and repair work.
  • Ensures that par stock of linen in the pantry areas are according to stocks established.
  • Ensures that the laundry staff exercise proper discipline and courtesy in attending to the
  • Guests needs and requests.
  • Reports sick and irregular behavior of guests and employees immediately to the Executive Housekeeper.
  • Records activities/problems and follows- up on any work, as necessary in the Log Book.
  • Follows-up all maintenance requests with the Engineering Department.
  • Assists in taking various Housekeeping inventories.
  • Conducts training and re-training of all front line personnel, as required in order to maintain high standards.
  • Supervises, coordinates and participates in the cleanliness of laundry areas, ensuring the highest standard of cleanliness.
  • Controls the consumption of cleaning materials and supervises the adequate stocking of chemical supplies.
  • Makes sure that the lost and found policy and procedure is followed, at all times.
  • Participates in the multi skiling, philosophy of the Laundry Department. 
  • Passes on the suggestions, comments and recommendations of the guest to the Executive Housekeeper.
  • Ensures that the department’s operations budget is strictly adhered to, and that all costs are strictly controlled.
  • Attends related meetings as required by the Executive Housekeeper.
  • Responds to any changes in the Laundry/Housekeeping function, as dictated by the Executive Housekeeper.
  • Takes charge of special projects, as assigned by the Executive Housekeeper.
  • Takes charge of any contractors working under laundry supervision.
  • Ensures that the correct linen is placed in the Housekeeping pantries by the Pantry Runners in the evening before the following day’s business.
  • Ensures the proper and safe use for all authorized cleaning compounds.
  • Ensures that a record of all discarded linen and uniforms is updated daily.
  • Maintains inventory records for linen and uniforms.
  • Develops methods for increasing Laundry efficiency.
  • Ensures formulas and cycles for types of linen and soils are in place.
  • Maintains machine performance records.
  • Participates in all linen stock takes.
  • Ensure that accurate stock take figures, correctly formatted are handed to the Executive Housekeeper after stock takes and as requested.

Qualifications & Experience:

  • Diploma in Hotel management / Textile an asset.
  • Minimum of 03 years supervisory experience in a high volume laundry.
  • Basic knowledge of laundry machineries, machinery programming, fabric contents, recommended process of fabrics, laundry chemistry, water quality, safe handling of washroom chemicals, laundry procedures, laundry troubleshooting and computer experience like opera, Micros, Word, Excel, and Windows XP.
  • Must be able to work well under pressure in a fast paced and constantly changing.
  • Good command of written and spoken English communication skills, along with strong interpersonal and problem solving abilities are essentials Environment.