Spa Receptionist cumTherapist
Constance Moofushi
August 31, 2017
September 28, 2017
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To take 100% responsibility/ownership and do whatever is required to provide a truly memorable experience for the guest and fulfill the duties as a team member at the U Spa by Constance, at Constance Moofushi Resort Maldives (CMRM). To have a clear understanding of, and work in line with all related standards, core values, visions and goals of U Spa by Constance, at CMRM. 


Your role as Spa Hostess (Receptionist) is key, as you are responsible for the guests' first impression of the Spa de Constance and for handling their reservations and related recommendations. 

It is your responsibility as a Spa Hostess to ensure that we deliver that special, individual and unique service to all guests in U Spa by Constance at CMRM. 

It is your responsibility to create the most welcoming and warm environment for our guests and to ensure a level of service and handover completed as per established standards. You must also follow up on each guest's experience and satisfaction when the guest returns to the reception area at the end of their journey. 

As the Spa Hostess, you are the main point of contact with our guests and the reason why you are expected to be aware and always be updated on all team members' and manager's movements. 

You must be able to provide a service that is responsible, spontaneous, personal and genuine. In order to do this, you will require a high level of social skills and the ability to take responsibility for the customer service in the spa. High standard of presentation is essential together with reliability and punctuality. 

Responsibilities and duties for this position shall include, but not be limited to, the following areas and activities. At management discretion, direction may be given for tasks out side the scope of work described. 
  • Consultation with guests regarding booking treatments.
  • Be knowledgeable in using Spa software in order to provide flawless service and an effective booking situation.
  • Management of all related billing procedures in an effective and professional manner.
  • Service of welcome drinks along with the knowledge of the properties of the same as implemented in operation.
  • Management of all booking-related telephone calls. This includes consultation with the guest on treatments and ensuring that the service experience begins at this first call.
  • Make sure that the total working hours per Therapist is balanced during the day and at the end of the month.
  • Fill on a daily basis the daily Reception Reports related to the Spa Operations and Therapists commissions.
    • Be well informed about the retail products and serve the clients request and interests with regards to the same.
    • Follow up with guests regarding therapists' product recommendations. Ensure that products are prepared along with the guests billing to ensure seamless service.
    • Be knowledgeable of retail products related to specific menu treatments and be able to make recommendations thereafter.
  • Be knowledgeable of all your duties and follow the set guidelines Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and checklists for U Spa by Constance at CMRM.
  • Keep your work area clean and organised.
  • Handle guest complaints with a sense of ownership in a calm and solution-oriented manner.
  • Being present and actively take part in meetings and trainings given by Management.
  • Greet all guests with name recognition, a welcoming smile and a clear but soft tone of voice.
  • Always stay informed on other resort activities and actively promote the same.
  • Answer all telephone calls within 3 rings in a friendly and prompt manner.
  • Be genuinely committed to guests and your fellow colleague's care. Take care and show ownership of the client from their arrival to their departure in the U Spa by Constance. Do your best to accommodate guest's needs and requests at all times.
  • Be reliable and punctual at all times.
  • Keep a daily log of their visit and compile a guest history after they leave.
  • Communicate in U Spa by Constance and with other departments regularly. Particularly those departments with which you have a great deal of interaction.
  • Handle any accident or guest incident in a swift and professional manner.
  • At all times present a healthy and well maintained appearance and proper grooming.
  • Conducting spa treatments according to spa menu, standards and outlined protocols as per assigned / requirement.